Northern Argentina: Please continue in prayer for prayer partner Catherine Drayson as she recovers from kidney treatment in the UK . The operation took place earlier this month and we are thankful that it seems to have been successful. Nick returned to Northern Argentina on 21 August and Catherine plans to return on 12 September.

We pray too for prayer partners Michael and Silvia Browne who are working on Bible Translation and remember Michael as he works on the checking of the Minor Prophet books, and the translation of the book of Amos.  We pray too that when finished, the Argentine Bible Society will have funds to print these books for distribution amongst the Tobas.  We also lift up to God Hilario and Jose who are due to start on the production of literacy materials for school children.

Salta Argentina: Cecilia is settling back into life in Argentina , having spent some months in Ireland .  Since her return she has been involved in meetings, visiting people and schools, and her home Bible Study.  Over the next few months Cecilia will be involved in work in schools and in planning a youth event for November.  Their goal for the end of the year is to have a party with the schools they have been helping and share with them about the Summer Camps.  We pray for Cecilia and her team as they work with young people.  We also thank God for the projector that a church from here gave to Cecilia for the work, and the difference that she says it is already making.

FUSION: Penelope Perez arrives from Chile on Monday 29th August to begin her placement with “The Church of the Resurrection and Queen’s University Belfast.  We pray for her this week as she makes the final preparations and says “Goodbye” to friends and family.  We pray too for her journey that it will go smoothly, and that she will settle in quickly and easily.

Paraguay:  We pray for Matthew and Kim Hickmott and their 2 boys, as they continue to settle into a new and very different life in Paraguay .  We ask God for good friendships for each of them, for ease with learning the language and adapting to the heat and the culture.  We also remember Hannah Taylor as she prepares to go out in September to spend a year teaching in Saint Andrew’s College.

Esperanza Foster Home Paraguay: We continue to pray for Esperanza Foster Home as they seek God’s will for the future with reference to finding new premises.  We thank God that Jose Antonio has had an operation for his cleft palate and pray for him on Saturday 27th August when he will have his squint operated on.

FEISA Teacher Training College Asuncion Paraguay : We continue to pray for Feisa that the Lord will guide them in every decision that they make, and that each Christian Teacher who trains there will continue to make a difference in the lives of many children in different parts of Paraguay .

Bangor Missionary Convention: We pray for Bangor Missionary Convention which will run from Saturday 20th to Saturday 27th August.  We pray for all those who will be taking part at the event, those who will attend it and the different mission societies represented there, thanking God for worldwide mission.  We remember too those who are suffering due to the famine in Somalia and East Africa , and the mission societies at work in that horrendous situation that the Lord will bring hope in the midst of despair.

Billy and Laura Blair are well known to SAMS.  Laura’s dad is critically ill at the moment.  We pray for Billy and Laura, Laura’s dad and all the family at this time that the Lord will give comfort and strength for each day.