Please pray for those in rural communities in Argentina, struggling with health issues. David and Shelley Stokes explain: “The system works like this: if the medical service in a local community cannot deal with a particular patient, they are sent to Juarez. If Juarez cannot deal with the case, they are sent on to Formosa (a seven-hour journey). In the last month a number of Anglican leaders have spent time in Formosa – one whose wife is seriously ill and another whose son needed further attention. Usually one member of the family accompanies the patient to give moral and practical support. … Both of us have also needed trips to doctors various times in the past months: Shelley for tendonitis in her shoulder, David for infected insect bites and bronchitis. The climate here is demanding: in this winter period there are strong swings of temperature over several days.”

Please pray for Tim Curtis (Enxet Bible translation project) and the now-smaller translation team: “The most significant event concerning the translation project this year is that, sadly, we have had to downsize, saying goodbye to Martin Rojas at end of July. This was sooner than I had hoped, but the reality is that the continuing depreciation of the value of the pound over the last couple of years, and further depreciation in recent months, has meant that we can no longer afford to employ all three translators. The pound is only worth 50 per cent of what it was worth against the Paraguayan Guaraní five years ago. Adding to our difficulties have been the yearly wage increases decreed by the Paraguayan government.”