SAMS Ireland is committed to encourage the church in Ireland to support, empower and partner with the church in South America.

The Garden Project (The Chaco)

Clck here to view The Garden Project (The Chaco) resources.

St. Andrew’s School (Asunción)

For the last 25 years there have been volunteers from Ireland working in San Andreas College.  The College was started by SAMS missionaries in 1963. It has a strong Christian foundation and uses both Spanish and English languages throughout the school.

FEISA (Asunción)

FEISA is another crucial resource which trains local Paraguayan teachers.

Mission Paraguay

Mission Paraguay supports the work of the Diocese of Paraguay through numerous initiatives.

Health Care (Chaco)

Beryl Baker has worked for around 30 years in the Paraguyan Chaco providing primary health care. Read more about her work in the Chaco Project. Contact SAMS if you want project packs sent to your church.

My Father’s House (Brazil)

Click to read about My Father’s House in Recife.

Mount Horebe (Brazil)

Click to read about Mount Horebe.

Esperanza Foster Home (Paraguay)

Click to read about Esperanza foster home and street children’s ministry in Paraguay.

Fusion Program

The FUSION program, managed by SAMS Ireland, is an exciting opportunity for young adults from South America aged 18-30 to engage in voluntary work within the Anglican Church in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Read More ….