Welcome to the FUSION Program!

The FUSION program, managed by SAMS Ireland, is an exciting opportunity for young adults from South America aged 18-30 to engage in voluntary work within the Anglican Church in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. At SAMS Ireland, our mission is to support the growth of the church in South America, while simultaneously encouraging the local churches in Ireland to expand their vision of mission through partnership with their counterparts in South America. ‘FUSION’ is just one of the ways in which we do this.

At FUSION, we believe in the power of practical engagement and service. Our volunteers are placed in local Anglican churches for a duration of one year, where they contribute their skills and talents to further the mission of the church. By working closely with the church communities in Ireland, our program aims to create meaningful connections and foster a spirit of collaboration and learning.

SAMS Ireland has several key objectives in line with our FUSION program. Firstly, we seek to support the growth and development of the church in South America. Through our partnership and volunteer placements, we aim to contribute to the strengthening of local church communities and their outreach efforts.

Additionally, we strive to inspire the church in Ireland by broadening its vision of mission. By connecting with the church in South America, our program provides opportunities for cultural exchange, shared experiences, and learning from different perspectives. We believe that these interactions can be transformative and enrich the spiritual journey of all involved.

One of our primary goals is to facilitate practical opportunities for the church in Ireland to engage with and serve the church in South America. Through the FUSION program, volunteers actively participate in various projects and activities that address the needs of the local communities. By providing hands-on assistance, we hope to make a tangible difference and foster a spirit of compassion and solidarity.