As Christians we are called to live in a state of awareness, we should be questioning and subverting the worldviews and ideologies of this world. Christianity isn’t simply a brand like Starbucks or McDonalds. As followers of Christ we are called to live missional lives and this way of life demands us to be people who think, wrestle and ask difficult questions about our culture from within our culture. True Christian worship means involvement with God’s world. One characteristic of worship is its missional dimension. Being missional is about finding out how to be good news. It’s about addressing real needs before perceived needs. Our theology needs to be worked out in the midst of the mundane. As a mission agency we challenge you to participate with us. Contact us or call for a coffee and we can discuss volunteering options in more detail.



Keep up to date with prayer requests on our website. If you want prayer requests can be sent to you directly.



Go to the BTN section and check out some of our short term options.



What about hosting a Latin Partner through our FUSION programme?


Previous FUSION Volunteer

  • Dany Alvarez – served in Maghera Parish as a SAMS FUSION Volunteer for one year in 2014 and returned home to Santiago, Chile in January 2015


Invite one of the SAMS team to your church through the Listo programme.


Sponsored Challenges

Why not chose a project in South America and do something practical and possibly even enjoyable and raise awareness and finance!


Church Link

We are always looking for individuals in churches to be volunteers within their home churches. This requires people to update the local church at home with news from the church in South America.


Mission Partner

As a mission agency we are committed to resourcing the church in South America. This takes on many forms; sometimes it involves sending skilled people from the UK and Ireland known as ‘mission partners’. Mission partners are sent at the request of the church in South America. Mission partners are exceptional in many ways as they share their lives and professional skills within a completely different environment and church community, working under the authority of local South American church.



As a mission agency we encourage you and your local church to share in the greatest story of all time. We dare you to read and then live out the following words.

  • I QUIT

    I quit playing Church. I quit going through the motions. I quit pretending to have it all together. I quit the status quo. I quit.



    I begin to be the Church. I begin to take up my cross daily. I begin to respect others who differ from my beliefs. I begin to practice my faith. I begin to put the words of Jesus into practice. I begin learning to love people. I begin.



    I will invest in the lives of the broken, the forgotten and the hungry who live in my community and in South America. I will invest.



    I will surrender my need to be entertained and I will leave my comfortable chair and exchange it for time on my knees in prayer. I will surrender.