Lent Prayer Resource

SAMS Ireland, a mission agency facilitating church partnerships with church communities in South America, has unveiled a new resource for Lent 2024. This prayer guide is designed to provide prayer support for South American church initiatives and outreach projects throughout the Lenten season.

With a daily prayer focus linked to specific ministries and church endeavors with link dioceses in South America, this resource aims to deepen the engagement of churches and individuals in prayerful support. Each day of Lent will offer a prayer point, allowing participants to intercede for the various challenges and opportunities faced by the Church in South America.

The downloadable PDF format ensures accessibility for churches, small groups, and individuals seeking to actively engage in prayer during Lent.

“Prayer is a powerful tool for fostering unity and supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ,” remarked Claire Holmes for SAMS Ireland. “Through this Lent 2024 prayer resource, we hope to facilitate meaningful connections and ignite hearts with a passion for mission and ministry in South America.”

The Lent 2024 prayer resource is now available for download on the SAMS Ireland website, inviting churches and individuals to join in prayerful support with the Church in South America throughout the Lenten season.

Download the Lent Prayer Resource PDF

Wishing SAMS Ireland supporters much joy and blessing this Christmas season

Thank you for your ongoing support for Mission this year. Wishing SAMS Ireland supporters much joy and blessing this Christmas season! As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we are reminded of the beautiful promise in Isaiah 9:6:

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

May the Wonderful Counsellor guide you, the Mighty God strengthen you, the Everlasting Father envelop you in His love, and the Prince of Peace fill your hearts with His enduring joy.

In this season of love and togetherness, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your partnership with SAMS Ireland.

May the true spirit of Christmas fill your homes with warmth, your hearts with peace, and your lives with the boundless love of Christ.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Boas Novas Church Brazil – Sister Valerie Thom

Welcome to Boas Novas Church, nestled in the heart of the Marie Paula district of Niteroi, within the vibrant state of Rio. A mere 13 km across the iconic bridge from the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, our church stands as a beacon of hope and compassion.

Boas Novas Church stands in solidarity with the most marginalised in our community, displaying unwavering dedication despite our modest resources. At its helm is Pastor Carlos, a compassionate leader, supported by his devoted wife, Roberta. With very limited income, Pastor Carlos and the church elders invest not only their time but also any available funds into its operations.

Step through our doors and experience a warmth that is unparalleled. Our doors are open wide, offering solace and sustenance to all who enter. Pastor Carlos, driven by an unshakable passion for spreading the message of Jesus, devotes his full-time efforts to both the church and the community.

The recent pandemic has dealt a harsh blow, particularly to those already living on the fringes. Despite these challenges, Boas Novas Church has remained a steadfast pillar of support. We’ve extended our helping hand to the local community, providing essential food baskets, cleaning supplies, and even contributing to health expenses.

Pastor Carlos, a testament to resilience, battled heart problems and emerged stronger. His unwavering commitment to his calling is evident in every aspect of his work.

A striking illustration of our church’s unity shines through a heartwarming anecdote. In 2019, when a team undertook the task of painting our church, the local community rallied alongside us. The collaborative spirit transcended mere tasks, as we learned that partnership meant sharing responsibilities. While we painted, our church family took up the mantle of cleaning. As we bid farewell, our church radiated unity, with Brazilian and Northern Irish flags adorning the space, a true testament to the harmonious blending of cultures.

As we gather in prayer, we beseech:

  • May the light of Jesus illuminate the lives of those in our community.
  • Let job opportunities abound for the most vulnerable among us.
  • Bless our outreach efforts through social events and women’s conferences.
  • Strengthen the partnership between Sams and our church, amplifying our impact.
  • Open doors for future collaborations, allowing us to return and continue our work.
  • Gratefully acknowledge the church family’s boundless generosity and open hearts.

Join us in our mission, where faith, compassion, and unity converge to create a brighter tomorrow for all.

Together, we are a testament to the power of faith in action, and we invite you to stand with us as we journey forward, transforming lives and spreading the love of Christ.


Claire’s Trip to Brazil & Paraguay 2023

Claire’s Trip to Brazil & Paraguay 2023

It was an incredible experience to spend three weeks in South America in March, where I had the privilege of visiting churches and meeting with leaders

in Brazil and Paraguay. Returning to this region always feels like coming home, as I have spent a considerable amount of time there. It’s truly a blessing to have two homes!

During my visit, I was deeply moved by several aspects that also serve as prayer points for our agency:

  • The diverse range of ministries in Paraguay is remarkable, including churches, schools, a teacher training college, a children’s home providing temporary shelter for waiting children, and shelters for indigenous people. Witnessing the church’s various outreach efforts is truly inspiring. Please join us in praying for these ministries, that the Lord will abundantly provide for their needs, sustain and guide them, and continue to raise up leaders after His own heart.
  • Despite the numerous challenges faced by individuals in their daily lives and ministries, it is awe-inspiring to witness their unwavering hope in Christ. Please pray for their continued strength and resilience, and for the Lord towork in and through each person, empowering them to overcome obstacles.
  • The church in Paraguay (as well as other parts of South America) deeply appreciates the support and prayers of SAMS supporters, as well as the strength derived from partnerships with churches in other regions of the world. There is an ongoing desire for mission partners to come and serve alongside them. Let us pray that the Lord strengthens and blesses our partnership with the church in South America. We also remember and lift up all those who are discerning or preparing to respond to God’s call for mission service.

May the Lord’s guidance and blessings be upon us as we engage in this mission journey together.




Pastor Donald Brooks – Paraguay

Please join us in prayer for the students of St. Andrew’s School. We earnestly desire that all the activities within the school community would lead them to a personal and profound encounter with Jesus. Pray that they may come to understand that Jesus Christ is their greatest need and that in Him, they will find everything their lives require. Let us also lift up the parents and staff members, that they may be instruments of God’s love and guidance in the lives of these students.

Additionally, we ask for your prayers for Iglesia Centro Cristiano Emanuel. May the church experience a revival and become a powerful influence in the city of Luque. Pray that God would grant wisdom and clarity regarding the vision for the church during this new season, which includes the presence of a new pastor and various challenges. May the congregation embrace this fresh direction with faith and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, we humbly request God’s blessings upon Saint Andrew’s Chapel. May the congregation continue to grow, both in terms of generosity and membership. Let it be a haven and a loving family for all those who are far from their homelands, offering support and belonging. Pray that God would raise up individuals gifted in preaching and leading for Sunday services, as well as skilled musicians to enhance worship.

Together, let us intercede for these specific needs, trusting in God’s faithfulness and provision. May His grace and guidance be evident in the lives of the students, the church, and the congregation of Saint Andrew’s Chapel.



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