An Advent Resource

The South American Mission Society (SAMS) Ireland is delighted to announce the publication of an Advent resource booklet.

The resource contains 10 creative lesson plans with activities aimed at primary school aged children.  There are also some ideas for presentations in other settings and some of the ideas incorporated in the booklet could be used at other times of the year, not just at Advent.  The content of the activities encourages participants to be aware of mission within the world, particularly in South America.  The resource can be used in many settings including churches, schools and at home.

Further information can be obtained by emailing or phoning 028 3831 0144.


News from the Annex School in Asuncion, Paraguay

The Annex school (Asuncion, Paraguay) received some welcome additions to the classroom in the form of computers and projectors. The funding came from supporters via SAMS Ireland.

Catalino Bogado (the senior teacher) was very grateful to those who made these recent purchases possible. The present pandemic has disadvantaged those less well off. In lockdown, only web enabled technology can continue to provide some meaningful ongoing education. Since the Annex school has a primary focus on those less well off children, this technology will be all the more strategic in helping these young lives keep up with expected educational attainment.

RTE Service – Church without walls

Look out for RTE Sunday service this Sunday 13th June at 11.10 on RTE when the Church of Ireland Association of Mission Societies and Council for Mission jointly participated in a recording entitled ‘Church without walls’.

The service focused on the Anglican five marks of mission with contributors from Ireland and beyond.’

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