Hello my friends!

Hope you are enjoying God’s grace and experiencing his love in your daily walk with him. Things here are good, we can start noticing the weather is changing and spring is coming really soon.

Thank God I had a great flight and because I was so tired I slept most of the time….lol. Buenos Aires welcomed us with 28 degrees so we were over the moon.

Sunday in church was a blessing, I had the opportunity to see and share with my people about my time in Ireland. During the week everything started taking place little by little. We started with some meetings, visiting people and of course my weekly Bible study at home which for me was very especial since I was not with my kids for 2 months…

Last week I had a meeting with some leaders of different churches and we are planning to have an event for the youth in November but through September till November we will be visiting schools and sharing my projects just like last year.

Today we had our monthly visit to one of the secondary schools we help and it was fantastic to be there again interacting with the students. We had also the opportunity to use the projector we were given (thank-you Carryduff parish) and what a DIFFERENCE!!!! We could see how kids were more involved in the topics…..we are thankful to God for these resources. The schools programme ‘Corner Stone’ is taking form little by little….what a blessing!!!!!

Just wanted to share with you how these two wonderful weeks have been since I came back, our goal for the end of the year is to have like a party with the schools we’ve been helping and share with them about our summer camps so you can pray for that my friends….

Take care and I will keep you updated OK?

Be blessed,
(Red Box Co-ordinator)