Some news and prayer letters recently received into the SAMS office:

From Alf & Hilary Cooper in Chile;

“Please pray for us as we are now directly involved with the Government to put an end to the Mapuche hunger strike.  Bishop Abelino Apeleo has been named as part of a Dialogue Group. Alf and Hilary”

2 updates on Terry Barratt’s health;

“Dearest friends,Terry is doing very incredibly well considering they took away half his stomach a piece of bowel and 4 tumours!  He is still full of tubes and can only take a sip of water once an hour, so he told me he is beginning to long for a cup of tea and a good breakfast!!  But I think he’s happy it’s going to be a crash diet for him and a way of losing some weight!  He has started to walk along the corridor and sit up.  He can only take very short visits as he gets tired quickly and finds it sore to talk due to the tubes.  He is so grateful to the Lord for the excellent care in the hospital and all your prayers supporting him.  Yesterday wasn’t such a good day, but this morning he sounded chirpier. Much love and God bless you all, Pancha”

“Dear friends, You wonderful prayers are being answered speedily. Terry is now tubeless and his digestive system working well in and out! Very important progress! He should be discharged soon. He sends lots of love and thanks to all of you! A big hug, Pancha”