Dear friends,


We are looking forward to visiting many of you when we come to England in October and wanted you let you have this brief note about my recent and forthcoming activities.


The two weeks of youth camps has just finished. The first was held in Ingeniero Juárez from 12 to July 17 and the second in Misión Chaqueña from 19 to 24 July. We all experienced a time of great blessing at both camps. The one in Juarez took place in the Criollo church, where 57 young people met together in all, including some non-Christians invited by their friends. At Misión Chaqueña there were 70 youngsters from eight different indigenous churches.


Give thanks to God for the blessings we received during the camps and pray for the young people present


I’m now preparing for the new pastor training intensive course in Juárez which runs from 16 to 28 August. We are expecting some 70 pastors from 40 different churches to attend.


Please pray for the preparation, teaching and good outcome of the course.


Thank you again for your continued prayer and support.