We would really value your prayers over the next few weeks as we have embarked on a Youth Alpha after an invitation here at the Criollo church at Ingeniero Juarez, the Anglican church which we attend when we are not travelling to Indian Communities. They have many young people, and have just finished a youth camp, but the leadership has been quite shaky over the last few years. Hopefully, Alpha will not only lead many to a faith in Christ, but also build the team of leaders. It is  a big commitment and quite a challenge as nobody here has ever done an alpha course here before, certainly not a Youth Alpha! The Church has been wonderfully supportive and the team is really working well together. Catherine is doing the Administration for the course..

We were simply amazed when some 75 kids squeezed into a room for karaoke, video clips, choripans, and the introduction to the Course which Nick headed up. We were even more amazed, when 60 of them  turned up at 10.30 am for the first morning. It is an interesting mix too, mainly Spanish speaking Criollos, but also Wichi, and Toba young people too. Some are  travelling from a local church an hour away at Laguna Yema. Everyone is “buzzing” …as they say, but it’s a challenge, not least for the leadership…but there is much faith and we really do pray that there will be much blessing!

Could we please ask you to accompany us with your prayers over the next 10 weeks?

Thank you so much for your loving support and interest and anticipation….prayers!

Every blessing Catherine and Nick