Dear Friends,

At the beginning of August we have a volunteer group of 6 people coming from the UK to help on various projects in the Chaco. Pray for this, that all goes well. I have lots of work for them and they have raised around 21,000 pounds for the funding. We want to dig 2 hand dug wells, construct 1 water cistern for rain water harvesting, build up to 2 adobe houses (of the 4 proposed), divide our guest house (bunk house) into 2 apartments in order for it to be more practical, also, close in a roofed area for TB patients, recondition a deposit and make some latrines for distribution. Quite a lot! The work will continue after they have gone.


Pray that the documentation for my vehicle gets sorted out quickly. The customs made an error when it was cleared for importation. I need the right papers in order to take it out of the country that is, into Argentina. I went into the notary office this morning and they showed me that it has been corrected now and that they need to rewrite the title deeds for the vehicle to include the corrections.

The work with the NGO, Global Chaco is going very well and the beneficiaries are very pleased and enthusiastic with its development. The NGO is implementing the same model in another area as a result of these results. I have been helping Indian communities present their projects to 2 government institutions for help with bee keeping, small livestock, cattle and fish farming. Pray for these as they are slow going in responding. These institutions also ask for lots of information on the communities. I’m also helping another NGO, technically, for the construction of adobe houses, as they may be administering some housing projects in the communities I visit. Pray for Esteban Galeano who will be training them with the adobe making and for Dacio Martinez who will train people in the use of adobes for construction of their houses. It is quite exciting that what we have been doing with the adobe houses is being considered as a viable option for housing projects. It came because of the work of 2 of our pastors making their own adobes. Alison keeps busy with her Open University courses for teaching. Ben is with us for another 3 weeks before going back to the USA to continue his studies. Hannah comes out to visit us for 3 weeks in August. Pray for her getting a new job, she wants to work in London. I was congratulated by the guy who came from the Inter American Development Bank who funds the cattle projects via the NGO. He commented on all the hard work the Anglican Church has done over the years with the Indian groups to prepare them for these projects. I want to thank you all for your support and prayers for the work. It isn’t often churches get congratulated for their work. He has also asked me if I’d consider forming part of an NGO he’d like to start as he has seen that the ideas I’ve been working on are beginning to happen and that I have the knowhow to solve many problems facing poor communities.

Love and greetings,

Chris and Alison