Prayer line from SAMS GB

We begin by praising God for some news received this morning from Sandra Barrientos in Tarija, Bolivia. Her husband Walter had his second round of treatment for throat cancer last month; it took place in Córdoba, Argentina, and involved a new procedure performed with a laser. The tumour was reduced by 68%, way above expectations. Sandra and Walter thank us warmly for our prayers and encourage us to pray on for Walter’s full recovery.

Last week the new Anglican church for the Pehuenche communities of Alto Bío Bío in southern Chile was dedicated in Cauñicú. Bishop Abelino Apeleo conducted the service, with Terry Barratt and members of other churches present. Praise God for this and pray for the Pehuenche people and their leaders, including Gumercindo Queupil. A group of leaders also took the final exam of the SEAN Level 2 course, with an 80% success rate.

Finally, some arrivals this week:

  • on Thursday (18th) Gwen Carlisle and Mags Southern, Head and Deputy Head of St Andrew’s School in Asunción, Paraguay, arrive in the UK for a short period of leave
  • on Friday (19th) Bishop Henry Scriven and his wife Catherine fly in from the USA in preparation for Henry to take on the role of SAMS Mission Director from 1st January
    and on Saturday (20th) Efraim Vilella, husband of Ruth Hollingdale, arrives from Brazil to join her here for a month.
  • and on Saturday (20th) Efraim Vilella, husband of Ruth Hollingdale, arrives from Brazil to join her here for a month.

Pray for their journeys, adjustment to the British winter and subsequent ministries.

SAMS Prayer line

The latest SAMS GB prayer line.

SAMS Prayer Line for the week commencing Tuesday 9 December

The next few days see plenty of travel between the UK and Paraguay. The 3½-month visit here by Ed & Marie Brice comes to an end and they fly back to Paraguay tomorrow. As we give thanks for their time here visiting link churches, let’s pray for their journey and resettling into the hot Asunción summer.

Coming from Paraguay are Babs Owen, arriving on Saturday for UK leave and Murray & Penny Metcalfe and their three children whose arrival on Tuesday (16th) completes nearly ten years’ service overseas. Pray for Babs on home ministry during the St Andrew’s School summer vacation, and for the Metcalfe family as they face this major change in their lives. And also on Saturday Linn Tedman jets off from Paraguay to South Africa to visit her sister and family, so please keep them all in your prayers. Her sister is very ill.

On Saturday evening the graduation ceremony for six students from the Centre for Pastoral Studies (CEP) in Santiago, Chile, takes place at San Lucas church. Bishop Frank Lyons from Bolivia will be present and the graduates include Raquel Greco from the Diocese of Paraguay. Let’s give thanks for these students who have completed their studies and ask God’s blessing on them as they put knowledge and gifts into practice in different situations. And please pray too for student Daniel Hueche who is suffering from cancer and has returned to his Mapuche community.

Finally, this weekend a regional conference for indigenous young people in the northern Argentine Chaco is held over two days in the town of Las Lomitas. Please seek God’s blessing on organiser René Pereira and all participants.


Latest prayerline from SAMS GB

Praise God for rain at last in the Paraguayan Chaco! This includes the area of El Estribo where the third year students from FEISA Teacher Training College are going tomorrow and Wednesday as part of their teaching practice commitments. They will give the 9 schools some resources they have made, paint a classroom and do some games. Please pray for this visit to be a blessing as much for the students as for the community.

Then on Friday and Saturday a workshop is held there for primary and Sunday school teachers on the use of the children’s Bible resources recently produced by FEISA in the Enxet language.

On Thursday Terry and Pancha Barratt fly out for the first SEAN graduation in mainland China; the programme is growing and students number in the thousands. Terry and Pancha return on 1st November; pray for them and all involved in this special event.

This coming weekend the Diocese of Peru holds a women’s retreat in Lima, followed by another in Arequipa the following weekend. The theme is ‘Healed to serve’, and Penny Marcés is one of the organisers and speakers. Remember Penny and all the women gathered over these weekends.
Looking ahead to next week, Thanksgiving Services for Bob Drayson and Derek Hawksbee take place on Tuesday (28th) and Wednesday (29th) in Sandhurst and Tunbridge Wells respectively (see website for details). Please remember their families over this period.

SAMS Prayerline

The latest SAMS GB prayer line:

It’s been a shock to hear that Walter Barrientos, pastor of the new Anglican church in Tarija, Bolivia, is suffering from cancer of the larynx. Please uphold Walter, Sandra and their three young children as he has just started six months’ chemotherapy. Tarija is the church featured in the SAMS autumn project.

From Thursday (16th) to Sunday a Cursilho evangelistic event for men takes place in João Pessoa, Brazil; Marcus & Tamara Throup ask prayer that many will come to the Lord through this.

In Chile César Guzmán, currently Director of the Centre for Pastoral Studies (CEP), has been named pastor of the new church in Peñalolén, Santiago, planted by members of Alf Cooper’s congregation, La Trinidad in Las Condes. Pray for César and his wife Ana María as they prepare to take up this exciting challenge in 2009.

Sue Woodcock in northeast Spain reports an overwhelming number of immigrants coming to the food bank and so gives thanks for a delivery of over 2000kg from the European Union. Sue asks prayer for the team that runs this ministry, as it’s a demanding task every Monday.

Prayer line

The SAMS GB Prayerline:

Please have in your prayers Assistant Bishop Abelino Apeleo and his wife Paty. After a lifetime in southern Chile, they move, officially from tomorrow (1st), to the capital, Santiago, to allow Abelino to support Diocesan Bishop Tito Zavala and to pastor a new church in formation. Pray for them as they leave behind elderly parents, Mapuche churches and William Wilson School where Paty taught for 26 years.

Meantime, in southern Chile an evangelistic campaign takes place from Friday to Sunday in a neighbourhood of Temuco, with the three Anglican congregations of the city involved.

Thank you for prayers last week for Associate Mission Partner Janet Mena in Chile. Praise God that after successful surgery, Janet is on the road to recovery. Another AMP, Kathryn Broughton, needs our prayers. She has had successful surgery in London for total knee replacement on both knees, but has not been well since. Please pray for Kathryn and husband Stuart, who is also in the UK from their ministry among Portuguese-speakers in Sydney, Australia.

This week is half-term at St Andrew’s School and the Annexe School in Asunción, Paraguay. Pray for refreshment for staff and pupils, many of whom will face important exams during October.

Prayer line

Murray & Penny Metcalfe travel from Paraguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday to present the documents of their adopted Paraguayan-born children, Alber, Jack & Luli, to the British Embassy with regard to their settlement in the UK when the family come home in December. Pray for God’s overruling in this complicated process and for peace of heart and strength for Murray & Penny.

Another prayer request of a similar type is for Jill Ball. Jill was due to go back to Ecuador on 1st October but her visa application has been turned down and she has to wait for papers to be sent from Ecuador. Please uphold Jill at this difficult time and pray for a swift resolution.

In Paraguay we’ve asked prayer a number of times for the nursery project run by FEISA, the Teacher Training College, with the indigenous community of Yatnata. This Friday and Saturday (26-27) an evaluation meeting about the project is held. Please commit those involved to the Lord.

Finally, please remember long-serving Associate Mission Partner Janet Mena in southern Chile. Janet has had an operation to remove two tumours and is recuperating with family. Uphold Janet and her husband Alberto in prayer.

Prayer line

Among the many parts of the world enduring extreme weather conditions is southern Chile, where floods have caused considerable suffering and loss. Please pray for the people of that area, and include in your prayers Bishop Abelino & Paty Apeleo, the Anglican churches and the two schools – William Wilson School in Chol-Chol and the School for the Deaf in Temuco. (Photos may be viewed on the diocesan website

In Olinda, northeast Brazil, Ian & Siméa Meldrum have put their house on the market and want to move to a smaller place which will meet their needs and be safe. Pray for them in this, alongside their very busy ministries among the poor.

Praise God for answered prayer for Alejandro Mesco’s visa which arrived in time for him to travel to the UK, where he’s now visiting churches and telling of his pioneer ministry in Peru’s Colca Canyon. Please continue to uphold him.

Finally, three prayer points from Paraguay:

On Thursday (11th) the third Alpha Course begins in the centre of Asunción, involving the folk of St Andrew’s Church and the San Andrés morning and evening congregations. Pray for all involved, including pastors Agustín Maidana and Patrick Butler.

This weekend FEISA’s final indigenous nursery project visit to Yatnata, in the Paraguayan Chaco, takes place. Pray for Samantha Parsons and all participants.

Next week (15th -) is Youth Week at St Andrew’s School with a number of special activities. Pray for everyone involved.

SAMS Prayer line

SAMS Prayer Line for week beginning Tuesday 22 July

The winter holidays are over for the staff and students of St Andrew’s School and the FEISA Teacher Training College in Asunción, Paraguay. Please pray for them in this first week back, and especially for the 1st and 3rd year students at FEISA who are on teaching practice. Pray they will bring God’s light and love into the schools where they do their placements.

Stuart & Kathryn Broughton are SAMS Associate Mission Partners serving the Portuguese-speaking communities in Sydney, Australia. Kathryn is currently in the UK helping translate for spouses at the Lambeth Conference, and asks our prayer for mental agility and strength and a true sense of God’s peace and love.

Next Tuesday sees the end of an era as Terry & Pancha Barratt arrive back in the UK from Chile after a lifetime in South America. They are coming to help care for Terry’s elderly parents, former SAMS missionaries Tony & Peggy. They will, however, be continuing the theological extension work of SEAN, of which Terry is International Director. As we give thanks for their wonderful service, let’s pray for their journey and resettlement, and remember the indigenous Pehuenche church in southern Chile, flourishing under new leadership supported by the training programmes carried out by Terry and Pancha.

Also next Tuesday Sue Woodcock returns to Sabadell in Spain after 3 weeks here, and around the same time Felipe Yáñez arrives from Málaga to join Sarah and the boys for the rest of their time here, including visits to link churches.

Following representation at the Lambeth Conference on Friday, the SAMS stand moves to New Wine on Saturday, for one week at Newark and two weeks at Shepton Mallet. Pray for the witness of the stand and those who staff it.

Finally, please continue to remember events going on overseas through this week:

the 25th anniversary of Anglican ministry in Villa el Salvador, Lima, Peru with Juan Carlos & Penny Marcés
– the training week for Wichi youth group leaders in Northern Argentina with René Pereira
– the 6-day course on HIV/AIDS in the Paraguayan Chaco with Beryl Baker for indigenous health auxiliaries

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