Bishop Carlos and Ana López need our prayers in leadership and pastoral oversight of IERE, the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church. So do Bishop Fernando and Maria José Soares in leading the Lusitanian church in Portugal. Pray for vision, energy and wisdom.

Uphold Sue Woodcock in her responsibilities as pastor of the church in Sabadell and archdeacon for the east coast region. Pray for the growing church, for newcomers quickly to feel part of it, and for those taking part in the Alpha group and growth groups to deepen their faith.

Pray with Jonathan and Hilary Rowe, Elizabeth and Benjamin for the impact of distance-learning courses from SEUT, and for more students to register for these and for courses in El Escorial itself. Pray for their ministry in the local evangelical church with women’s meetings, prayer groups and adult Sunday school.

Lift to God Felipe and Sarah Yáñez, Samuel and Aaron, near Malaga, in their witness to immigrants through a ministry of hospitality and friendship. They also give care and hospitality to Latin American mission partners arriving in Spain.



Pray for wisdom and energy for Bishop Carlos & Ana López and the standing committee as they continue to put into effect the five year plan for the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church.


Sue Woodcock pastors the church in Sabadell, (near Barcelona), and is archdeacon for the east coast region. She asks prayer for the Alpha group, for all participants to grow in faith, for the integration of newcomers to the church, and for those considering confirmation.


Uphold Felipe & Sarah Yáñez, Samuel & Aaron, near Malaga, in their ministry of friendship and hospitality to immigrants (mainly Moroccan) and Latin American missionaries.


Juan & Carol Zamora also work with an Urban Mission project with immigrants in Seville, and at the San Basilio church. This is their last year of ministry in Spain before returning to their native Chile. Pray for provision for their retirement.


Jonathan & Hilary Rowe, Elizabeth & Benjamin in El Escorial ask prayer for more students to register for SEUT courses, both distance-learning and in El Escorial. Pray too for the witness of the local evangelical church.


Pray for Bishop Carlos & Ana López in pastoral and administrative oversight of the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church. Remember too Rafa Arencón (Reus) and Rafa Arias (Salamanca) who were ordained in the autumn.

Sue Woodcock in Sabadell, Spain

Dear Friends

Christmas has come and gone, and almost before I have been able to draw breath, here we are in February!

First of all, a huge thank you to all those who sent greetings for Christmas and the New Year. I really do enjoy receiving your cards, letters and emails that bring news of yourself, your family and your church, although with my lack of response you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. This year I have decided to enjoy the Christmas cards putting different ones up every week during the first few months of the year!

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