Dear SAMS Ireland,

Time runs so fast that I was convinced of having written just a few weeks ago but then I realized that the only way it could be like that… would be if weeks were 30 days each. Not that I have forgotten you but I was running late.


Finally I have finished my studies at the CEP and I have reached the end exhausted, carried by the Lord (well, for sure I was carried the whole race), my soul having aged centuries, older (so, grumpier too, hahaha)… but joyful and grateful, free at last! I tell you, I had a great respect for all those who had gone through Bible College, but now that respect has grown. What a war in every field… and it is not that it has ended now. It is strange to be out and I beg the Lord for wisdom, humbleness, tenderness and grace to serve Him… but He is a generous, rich and faithful Lord.


I have to pay homage to my beautiful wife for her support and company and love across these years… so I tip my hat to her with my hand on my heart. And my son? Many told me: “oh, wait for a few weeks to see if you keep that smile”… but the smile has been put as a seal on me. He started to walk a month ago and still has that drunken sailor balance. Such a blessing he is, that if there was no God (but there is ONE!) I would have to become a believer anyways in order to thank Him… but there is another Son who is a bigger blessing. There was a day when the Saviour was born among us… and His message of hope and salvation has shone in the world and changed the lives of many.


Mostly for sure, we’ll be moving to Antofagasta in February to work at the Church there. It is a city located in the north of Chile (approx. 1300 kms from Santiago, where we currently live), in the driest desert of the world. Vultures instead of doves at the parks. Water is like gold, a treasure not to waste. Majestic mountains. Rain is welcome as a miracle, if it rains at all.


There are two loving congregations up there… and as the rector will be in Australia for the next six months, please pray for us: that we will be good servants for these congregations.


We love you and miss you. This is just a “wee” greeting for Christmas and I am attaching two pictures (Tommy was in a “mood”, but who could blame him when it’s quite hot and the red hat is put on him!). May God bless you all.


So, Merry Christmas from the three of us.