Gwen & Mags Update recently received into the SAMS office:

Dear Friends,

The last minute rush is upon us! School has now finished and although we only pop in for an hour or so, we end up staying all morning and not getting on with all the things we need to be doing. The office closes today and will reopen again at the end of January.

Our school year finished well with our church service and supper for the leaving 6th form plus their party and then their actual graduation. They were quite subdued really. I think reality was hitting home and they realized they were actually leaving after 15 years in the same school with the same classmates.

Last week we had our staff lunch as the teachers finished for the year. We also had our service for those who left 10, 20, 25 and 30 years ago. We had about 60 people at our service and it went very well. I am always thrilled afterwards by the ones who come to tell us how much the service meant to them; many of them being ones that didn’t seem interested as pupils. There were a number of them quite tearful this time too. Pastor Ronnie gave the message.

The end of the year wasn’t without its  problems though as we’d had to let some staff go. Also some parents weren’t too happy at the rise in fees for next year. Hopefully they have calmed down now as we sent out a letter explaining our reasons for the rise.

We are now trying to get sorted to travel shortly! We are going home to England via New York where we will stay for a few nights. We are both looking forward to the break but wonder how we’ll cope with snow after temperatures of 38ºC here this week! It really is far too hot at the moment.

Thank you for all your support and prayers for us. We are hoping to see some of you in January. In the midst of the rush I pray that we might all know the Peace of the Lord this Christmas as we remember Him coming to Earth to be born as man and die for us.

God Bless, love Mags and Gwen