Casilla 1124,  Asunción,  Paraguay, Beryl Baker

Dear Praying Friends,

The theme of the Every Day With Jesus Bible notes for last month was “Worship”.
Psalm 34 is a wonderful inspiration as to what our constant mind set should be,

Praise and thanks to the Lord for all the wonderful rain that has fallen in the Chaco alleviating many communities of many months of drought and hardship. The wonder of the Lord’s creation is ever present but even more so now that everywhere is green and beautiful.  The frog and toad concerts in the evenings have started again after several years of silence.  Hopefully this means the amphibian population is on the increase again after world surveys showed a dramatic decline.

Praise for the money to pay off all the current bills for medicines.  A big thank you to all the churches and friends who make this possible. Praise for the good recovery of Maruca Ruiz at Sombrero Piri after a stroke left her without the use of her right hand arm and leg.  Praise for Sharon Mccreery’s ongoing recovery from the cerebral vascular incident that left her almost dead.  She is now in the States with her sister.  Please pray for her sister who is not a believer and well into all New Age thinking.

The longer evenings and scorching afternoons mean working hours start earlier and end later leaving a break in the middle to avoid the worst of the heat. Early days to see how the new government will handle the Chaco Health programme.  All I can say is that on my last visit to the Regional Health authorities all was doom and gloom and one of the lady doctors and the obstetrician were actually in my arms crying!! The people at the next door ranch are going through hard times – indians and non-indians alike.  Please pray that they will turn 100% to Jesus for help in their time of trouble.

Being realistic about the future and the present means I have to move all the cats,  dogs and tortoises from Asuncion to the ranch as the next door neighbours are again throwing poison over the wall and Ana who looks after the house and the animals is 5 months pregnant.  As I planned to move the animals out Ana rescued three tortoiseshell kittens that were being swept away by rapidly flowing water in the road during the last heavy rain.  Please pray for new homes for them urgently. Please pray, too for Ana and her husband Jorvy as they prepare for the baby and I need wisdom as to whether I sell the house in Asuncion or not. If, when and how.

Just to keep everyone happy, I now have some medical insurance in Paraguay which I guess is the sensible thing to do no matter how old or young you are but equally my trust for health is in the Lord.

At Rio Verde a Jehovah’s Witness couple have moved in and are visiting everyone in the area.  The lady is English and her husband is Spanish.  Tim Curtis and I on separate occasions have chatted with them the reality of what the risen , living Lord Jesus makes to people’s lives and these people are now feeling very unsure of their beliefs.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will free them from all the lies of the Devil and that they will come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Their names are Claire and Rafael.

Preaching at St. Matthew’s church Rio Verde regularly is an enjoyable challenge and praise the Lord the congregation is growing. To leave you with a word from the Lord for myself and for you.

Psalm 138: 8a “The Lord will work out his plans for my life – for his faithful love endures forever and the words from one of my favourite country and western gospel songs “One day at a time, sweet Jesus.”

Lots of love and prayers