Pray for Rev. Federico Bascuñán and the church plant at Km 18 on the northern route in Santa Cruz which has been growing and developing. Pray for the right plot of land to build a church centre and for more leaders to come forward to help in the ministry.


Andrew & Maria Leake who have set up a new conservation initiative LAND FOR LIFE in the Chaco. Many churches exist in this area, in a setting of severe poverty because of deforestation & neglect of the land. Pray for patience and wisdom for the Leakes as they pursue their vision and for guidance as they develop the idea of a Church based survey. On a really practical note pray for a car for them to use during their visit to the UK in July and August.


Alec Deane observes that water remains a number one priority for the Garden Project to indirectly lower the malnutrition and infant mortality rate. Pray for the various meetings Alec attends to keep pressure on the government so that all the unfinished pumps are completed. Pray also for patience as this role is ongoing and deeply frustrating at times. Pray for Alec as he promotes family agriculture as a crucial tool to fit into the basket of survival techniques for Wichi communities creating a tangible alternative to migration. Alec depends on Wichi leaders to transfer the necessary know how to the wider communities, this is strategically important. Pray for Alec as he resources and encourages key people.


Give thanks for the ongoing work of FEISA and the numerous people who support young adults through training. Here are a couple of comments from two girls who have received support.

I want to thank you so much for the help you’ve given me by way of a half scholarship, without which I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dream of becoming a professional infant teacher.  May the Lord continue to give you the means and the concern to help others! (Dámaris Gómez)

I want to express to you my great sense of gratitude for having helped me complete another year of educational studies.  Although it’s been quite tough, with many challenges, I feel victorious!!  Your help means so much to me.  I can’t begin to find the words to tell you how grateful I am for your support, although you don’t know me!  I thank God that such people as you exist! (Rut Ortiz)

There has been excessively heavy, unseasonal rainfall in Paraguay recently. There are large areas where water has not drained away, including the school Sports ground at Surubii. This has led to the prolific reproduction of mosquitoes and a major outbreak of dengue fever. Little Samuel, Pastor Ronnie Irene’s youngest son has it. Please pray for his swift recovery from the “Boneshaker” disease. Pray for the entire family to be protected as mosquitoes carry this from human to human. Please pray for all our mission partners, that their work may go unhindered. Pray for the children to be protected, especially those who have already had dengue. Pray for the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, which cannot cope with the thousands of patients they are receiving.

Pray for Gwen, Mags, Hannah and all the staff team at St Andrews in Asuncion as the new school year gets into full swing this month. In many ways March in Paraguay is like our September. Thank God for fifty years of Christian witness in St. Andrews.

Pray for Claire in Concepción as the children and young people get back into the routine of a new school year. Pray specifically for the various discipleship meetings which take place in Claire’s house.

Pray for David Orritt who will be running an Orientation day on 16th March for a group of young adults who will be going to Paraguay later in the year.


Pray for Catherine and Nick Drayson as they minister in Northern Argentina in a wide variety of settings and geographical locations! Pray specifically for:

  • The Faith in the Family programme for the coming year – that key leaders will be identified who can resource local communities.
  • Training of new leaders – both men and women who will make a difference in their communities.
  • The resurgence of the urban church.


Gives thanks for Cecilia’s time in Peru. Cecilia was able to minister to local Peruvian young people and youth leaders. Pray for the young people and the ‘not so young’ who were challenged during this time. Several young adults are presently considering participating within the Red Box Project, pray for Cecilia as she works on the administrative process.