I wanted to share the good news recently received from Paraguay. The lady who took over temporarily in Esperanza when Juana left, called Dominga, has changed her mind and offered herself to stay on in the foster mum role. This happened because an English girl Rachel, who Murray and I used to teach with but who we haven’t been in contact with since we left, suggested she reconsider and Dominga felt convicted to stay on indefinitely if the team would like her to, or if they decide not, to stay at least till an alternative is found. Meanwhile a school mum from our old school has been round with play equipment for the Esperanza garden, and the head of the nearby nursery school has offered her teaching assistants to do some hours voluntarily in Esperanza. Teresa Maidana, who now supervises Esperanza, hopes to reopen on March 20th! We’re so grateful how this has fallen into place!

Please can you pray now for Dominga and for the right helper to support her.( She’s 45, and has 5 older children of her own.) Also for the next group of children who will be cared for in Esperanza once the courts assign them.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Penny Metcalfe