Latin Partner Gonzalo Soria writes from Fray Bentos, Uruguay: “We have just held a gathering of all the parishes in the interior of the country. We enjoyed times of sharing and fellowship together with time spent in reflecting on the word of God and how the Lord is working in our different communities. During these winter months, and thanks to the help received from two companies in the area and the Fray Bentos municipality, we have been able to start a cafeteria, where we give all the children in the area a glass of warm milk with bread/pastries on days when the school canteens are closed.” Pray that their wish to establish a place to not only give out food but to enable people to share their faith and provide workshops and family activities will come to fruition.

Another activity we are very pleased about and which is also a great challenge, has just started in July. Every Wednesday we are working with a group of young people who have committed offences and instead of prison have been put into a programme of work in the community. With this project we are able to offer workshops for these youngsters, which we pray could help to change the direction of their lives as they discover another way to live.” Pray for the young people and those working with them.