Pray for Ed and Marie Brice: “Just weeks before the main political parties chose their candidates for the Municipal elections and with many Indian communities being targeted for ‘special’ attention, we held our first Bible study week of the year in Río Verde.” Pray for the pastors they work with as they play an important role in keeping the peace, in advising the community leaders and in pressuring the politicians to keep their promises at times like these. Pray that the Lord will bring healing in some of the communities affected by division and renew Christian commitment.

Linn Tedman asks for prayer: “Please pray for the children and staff of St Andrew’s as we return to school. Pray for good health and for stamina to see us through a busy term. Also, please pray for Mauricio, Bieto, Diego and Rodrigo, recovering addicts. Pray that they will gain strength through the Lord and his Word to remain free of their habits. Pray for them to tangibly feel the Lord’s love. Gwen Carlisle and Mags Southern also ask for prayer for more staff for St Andrew’s school in Asuncion as they are currently short staffed.”

Please pray for Beryl Baker as we have heard that she may have Dengue Fever. Pray for resources for Beryl as she works in her Health Clinic in the rural Chaco. Pray for Jeremiah who helps Beryl with odd jobs and with her animals. Pray for the Mission Paraguay teams as they spend time in Paraguay. Pray for Babs Owen as she co-ordinates the running of the English church services on top of her already heavy workload in the school. Pray for her to have stamina and wisdom. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide her well. Pray for good support from those around her.