Lift to God Bishop Peter and Sally Bartlett, praying for daily grace and refreshing in their varied and demanding ministry. May they help others to find spiritual freedom and to mature in Christ through the ‘Growing in Maturity’ course. Pray for leadership development throughout the diocese.


Pray for Assistant Bishop Andrés and Estela Rodriguez, for time for rest and reflection enabling them to maintain God’s perspective in the oversight of churches and children’s clubs in the Concepción area. Pray for new members to be added to the church leadership team and for safety in all their travels.


Ed and Marie Brice ask prayer for Chaco pastors Elvio, Teodoro, Juan and Romualdo studying the Matthew SEAN course. Their time is much in demand by the people and they need our prayers to prioritise their time and complete the study between classes. Pray for Remigio translating SEAN Bible studies into Enxet, and for pastors and leaders to use these in preparing sermons.


Pray about the problem of alcoholism in the Chaco communities, and for those campaigning against the indiscriminate sale of alcohol. A motorbike accident in Rio Verde, which killed a 13 yr old girl, and the murder of a 15 yr old boy in Makxawaya were probably related to alcohol abuse. Pray for the families involved, and for Christians to be salt and light in the darkness.