Suffragan Bishop Nick Drayson and Catherine ask prayer for insight into the culture and the church and for language learning and making friends. Nick writes: “There is need for wisdom and hopefully the opportunity for change as we look back on almost 100 years of missionary work here, and build on it for a future in which the Indian church will have to become in some way autonomous.”


Pray for wisdom and discernment from God for Wichi and Toba pastors and leaders, to deepen their understanding of God’s Word and be able to teach and encourage in their communities. Pray for the Holy Spirit to free the people from all that holds them back.


Lift to God those whose lives are dedicated to helping these communities in practical ways: Ana Álvarez, Claudia Lungu and Cristina Vargas and the ASOCIANA team in advocacy and assistance in obtaining health care; Chris and Helena Wallis in literacy; Alec and Ivon Deane with crafts and agriculture.