Linn Tedman, mission partner at the San Andres school in Asuncion, asks for your prayers: Please pray for Paraguay where there are many more people struggling to exist without jobs. There is no welfare state here to help them. Also pray for San Andres school as primary exams start next week, and for the staff as they have marking to do and reports to write, especially for the English staff who have a double load each. Pray for their stamina and for good health. Linn asks you to pray for a librarian to be found to help her, and for their much-loved school nurse, Mariella, who has just left to have a baby. Also pray for secondary English teacher Nicky Irene who has been off school with a few pregnancy problems. She has been resting. Pray for her husband Ronnie and the family all helping Nicky and each other. Pray for our churches as changes begin to happen, for the Lord to guide each congregation and for him to open their hearts and minds to move forward.