Dear Praying Friends,


The prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16

 Thank you all for your prayers.  Please keep praying.


Comings and goings

The Lord knows the end from the beginning of all things.


Newly qualified American doctor Sharon Mauus has been with me for two weeks as part of her Paraguayan experience. She has now left but has left me with Oscar, a three month old giant anteater.  Misty and Oliver died within 5 days of one another – they are greatly missed


Rhett’s 70th birthday celebration gave way to renewed contacts with his friends and Sherry from Houston has been reading a Christian book and for the first time ever was beginning to see her own spiritual needs.  Pam also a Texan who lives in Paraguay wants to get back to God and the Anglican church. Her husband is Paraguayan but looks more Texan than she does!


Patrick is coming back to the ranch.  He was there when he was 17 to toughen up before he entered the US Marines.  Now after two postings to Iraq and a time at University in Texas he can’t get a job.  May the Lord’s purposes be achieved – he needs to get acquainted with Jesus.


Urgent prayer

For Tomasa Gomez. wife of Miguel (Rhett’s Paraguayan ranch manager)  Tomasa has renal failure – nearly died two days ago but people prayed and now she is doing a lot better but is not off the danger list. 

Her daughter Graciela,son-in-law Silvino and their two small children are at a Bible school here in town.  Their cousin Hector became a Christian in my Chaco home last Good Friday and he and his partner Paula are reading the Bible.  Tomasa and Miguel need to be born again and we pray for Tomasa’s physical recovery and for a new abundant life that only God can give. Aria Salinas, indian lady with ? cancer of the cervix. Likewise Dolores Alvarico,Paraguayan lady with 7 children who are still at school.

Rodrigo fernandez, 4 year old indian boy acutely ill in Asuncion. Teresa Maidana, pastor Augustine’s wife who is suffering from a nervous breakdown Health Promoters Liberato Cabanas – still unable to see.

Norma who is going to Washington USA in June D.V. for a conference, Lydia Ayala – that she may soon receive a government salary- praise for her recovering from T.B. Narcisas Rojas who has problems with her alcoholic schoolteacher husband, Marciel.


Praise for

Positive attitudes and progress within the Ministry of Health – more doctors and nurse now in the Chaco – food for T.B. patients and milk for undernourished children.


Praise for the rain that has fallen and prayer for more.


Lots of love and prayers,