Our prayers this week focus around events in Paraguay, starting with the meeting of the Provincial Executive Committee of the Southern Cone.  This began yesterday in Asunción under the chairmanship of Bishop Greg Venables; pray that the discussions of the leaders from the different dioceses over the next few days will help forward the work of the Anglican Church in the countries represented.


The meeting leads into another major event at the weekend.  On Sunday Peter Bartlett will be consecrated Bishop of Paraguay at a service at the Anglican cathedral.  Please uphold Peter and Sally who arrived in Paraguay on Monday and are settling in and preparing for this momentous day.


Among the invited guests will be Philip & Rosemary Tadman from SAMS GB.  Pray for their flight out tomorrow (26th), their week-long visit and their involvement in the service.


In Lima, Peru, Paul & Sarah Tester ask prayer for the Youth Alpha course in Surco, which was restarted last Friday.  They write: “We really want young people from the upper and middle classes to hear about Jesus.  Please pray for God’s guidance”.


Finally, remember the SAMS GB home staff as they respond to the implications of forthcoming office closures and significant personal changes in the light of the merger with CMS.