In 2009, there will be new theological leadership training opportunities available for clergy and lay leaders in the Anglican Diocese of Paraguay 

New English Bishop, Peter Bartlett, arrives on 23rd March 09 with a mandate to strengthen theological training across the diocese’s city, urban and rural churches. He will be preparing the way long term for national leadership of the church. Recently retired Bishop John Ellison established an excellent foundation to build on through weekly training in the capital, Asuncion, and a cascade system in the widespread and isolated indigenous churches.

A Paraguayan graduate from the Anglican theological centre in Santiago, Chile, which serves the Anglican province of the southern cone, has a vision for church youth training. With 2 centre congregations, 6 urban and 10 indigenous churches in the diocese, the potential for leadership growth is enormous.  Already there are two students in the church wanting to pursue the theological degree course at the Mennonite Evangelical University. The course is popular but there are not enough key study texts to go round.  The Anglican Church is keen to provide for its own students and future key workers so that it can become a more integrated part of the wider South American theological community.