Thank you for your prayers for the appeal made to the Supreme Court of Argentina by representatives of the Wichi people and settlers calling for a halt to deforestation in the Chaco area of the Province of Salta.  Last Monday the Court upheld the appeal, pending a public hearing on 18 February.  The ruling applies to permissions to deforest given by the Province of Salta from the last quarter of 2007.  Chris Wallis of ASOCIANA thanks us for our prayers and for this sign of God’s kingdom and his justice.  Please continue to pray.


Next week SAMS GB holds its annual conference for overseas and home staff at Dalesdown in Sussex from 5-8 January.  Pray for these days of Bible study, presentations, discussion and fellowship.  Remember especially Interim Executive Director Bill Lattimer who completes his service with SAMS on Friday and his replacement, Bishop Henry Scriven, who has just taken on his new post of Mission Director of SAMS GB.  Among others present will be Peter & Sally Bartlett as they prepare to serve in Paraguay; Peter’s consecration as diocesan bishop takes place on 29 March.


In Chile Pablo & Pamela Zavala ask prayer for the first Sunday School camp for the children of La Serena church, held the week beginning Monday 12 January.  This reminds us that it’s the holiday season in South America and a number of summer camps for children and young people are taking place.  Please keep the participants and their leaders in your prayers.