2009 Blessing


May you be blessed, as you consider the challenges that lie ahead.

May you be blessed as you engage with others, as you find the time to participate and give others the chance to do the same.

May you have the courage to create and take risks, and may you find your rest in God.


May you be blessed, as you acknowledge your weaknesses and accept God’s grace in 2009.

May others see that you are fragile and may your fragility bless them.

May you understand the importance of being broken, as it enables wholeness.

May you understand the value of brokenness.


May you go to the places that scare you.

May you deal with anger and with sadness.


May you be blessed because you are perfect in your imperfections, as you are forgiven.

May you be blessed, as you accept yourself as you are, at times broken, wounded, and hurt.

May you be aware at all times that you are loved, but especially in this coming year.