Prayer line

The latest prayer line from SAMS GB.

Let’s give thanks for the life and service of former SAMS missionary and home staff member Derek Hawksbee, who died on Sunday. Please remember his family; they hope to hold a short family service before son Chris returns to Paraguay on Thursday (14th), with a memorial service possibly next week.

Derek and his wife Betty also served in Paraguay, and that country reaches a milestone on Friday when ex-Roman Catholic bishop Fernando Lugo takes office as president of the republic. He’s the first president for 61 years who is not of the Colorado party. Pray for him and his new government as they carry the hopes of the nation in their promised fight against corruption, poverty and lack of jobs.

The Anglican mother church of Makxawáya in the Paraguayan Chaco lost half its roof in a storm last week. 30 Indian homes also suffered damage. Please pray for the community as they recover and rebuild.

On Thursday (14th) the three-day Alcançando International Youth Conference begins in Recife, Brazil. SAMS Latin Partner Josias de Souza asks us to pray for this event, with speakers coming from the USA as well as other parts of Brazil. Pray for the groups from Espirito Santo church, where Josias is Youth Minister, as they speak and perform; pray many young people will come and that God’s Spirit will move in their hearts.

Finally, tomorrow a group of ten people from St Michael’s Church, Newton, Chester, fly to Northern Argentina to visit and work with their link mission partners Hugo & Techi Vergara. May God richly bless both visitors and visited, as well as the diocese there through these 2-3 weeks together.

SAMS Prayer line

SAMS Prayer Line for the week commencing Tuesday 15 July

Please continue to remember the Hawksbee family. Derek, former SAMS missionary and GB staff member, has been diagnosed with bone cancer in his spine; as yet a realistic prognosis is not possible. Derek’s wife is Betty and their son Chris has flown in from mission work in Paraguay; please keep them all in prayer.

Tomorrow the Rowe family return to Spain after 3 weeks in the UK. Uphold Jonathan, Hilary, Elizabeth and Benjamin in travel and settling back to life in El Escorial, and continue to bring to God Hilary’s longstanding back problem.

Two important events are coming up in northeast Brazil this weekend. First, a seminar on urban mission is hosted at Living Waters Church in Olinda where Ian & Siméa Meldrum minister. There will be speakers from other churches and groups and it’s a big step forward to get town people to this slum area. And secondly, a children’s camp is held at Mission Esperança in Recife where Ruth & Efraim Hollingdale Vilella serve; it will be attended by 40 youngsters from 6-10 years-old who live in the nearby slum. Please remember these events in prayer.

Next week is the 25th anniversary of the Anglican ministry in the neighbourhood of Villa el Salvador in Lima, Peru. Pray for the witness and impact of the events and for the ongoing ministry of Juan Carlos & Penny Marcés at the church of Jesús el Salvador.

René Pereira in Northern Argentina asks us to pray for a training week starting on Tuesday (22nd) in Misión Chaqueña for leaders of youth groups among the Wichi people. The emphasis is on vision building and holistic mission. Many young Wichi are succumbing to the temptations of substance abuse.

Also next week a 6-day course on HIV/AIDS is held in the Paraguayan Chaco for indigenous health auxiliaries. Pray for this and for Beryl Baker who trains these workers.

Finally, keep in prayer the impact of the SAMS stand at the Lambeth Conference next Monday (21st) and Friday (25th).

SAMS Prayer line

Pat Blanchard arrives in the UK tomorrow having just undergone an operation in Lima, Peru. Pray that this month-long private visit she’s making will be beneficial in every way. Pat will be at New Wine in Shepton Mallet later in the month.

This is the season of winter camps in South America. Josias de Souza and the church of Espirito Santo in Recife, Brazil, join with the local Baptist church in two children’s camps from tomorrow until the 19th. And from next Monday (14th) for one week a young people’s camp is held in Juárez in Northern Argentina, drawing people from different parts of the diocese and organised by René Pereira and Pastor Narciso. Pray God’s rich blessing on these important events.

This is a poignant time for the Somervell family as Tony, Chris and their 3 teenage children leave Paraguay on Friday (11th) after many years’ service there. Pray for them as they travel, adjust to the UK and face issues of schooling and future employment. Praise God for his faithfulness, past, present and future.

Arriving in Paraguay on Thursday (10th) is the first group of short term volunteers under the ‘Mission Paraguay’ banner. Pray their 3 weeks alongside the Paraguayan church and people in practical projects and children and young people’s work will be mutually enriching. Uphold too organisers David Orritt, Penny Metcalfe and Caroline Gilmour-White.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon (12th) a prayer ministry and healing retreat is held in Recife, Brazil; 6 ladies from Mission Esperança will receive ministry to help prepare them to minister to others. Ruth & Efraim Hollingdale Vilella ask us to remember this important event in our prayers.

SAMS prayer line 22nd May 2008

As you may have learned through the media, Rosimeiri Boxall, the adopted 19-year-old Brazilian daughter of ex-SAMS mission partners Simon & Rachel Boxall, died in suspicious circumstances after falling from a window at a house in London on Saturday. Please uphold Simon, Rachel and their sons in their shock and grief.

Two other deaths have made this a sad week. Wichi Bible translator Juan Toribio passed on in northern Argentina after a short illness, and the grandfather of SAMS Latin Volunteer Bárbara Pino has also died in Chile. Pray for Juan’s widow, Carmen, and their family; and for Bárbara, now feeling very far from home in her Blackpool placement, and her family in Chile.

In Bárbara’s home parish in Santiago, Alf & Hilary Cooper have asked us to pray with them about larger premises for their church of La Trinidad, and especially the possibility of renting a large gym in the nearby German School. Please pray for this urgent need for a growing church.
Looking ahead to next Wednesday (28th) the clergy of the Diocese of Peru begin a 3-day retreat, and the leaders of FEISA, the Early Years Teacher Training College in Asunción, Paraguay, spend the first of two days together on a strategic plan for FEISA’s future, notably in regard to funding its expanding ministry. Pray for these two events, that God would be the director and would develop his work accordingly.

SAMS Prayer Line

The SAMS Prayer Line for the week commencing Tuesday 6 May.

Pentecost weekend sees a number of special events:

In Asunción, Paraguay, another Marriage Encounter takes place coordinated by Pastor Jorge & Rebeca Arévalos. Please pray for God to work through them and the team of leaders to strengthen, heal and renew marriages.

In Spain, the Diocesan Women’s retreat is held in Zaragoza, organised by the ladies of Sue Woodcock’s church in Sabadell under the theme of Living Water. Pray for God to refresh and encourage all who attend.

The congregations of the indigenous Toba people of Northern Argentina gather for a conference, with retired bishop David Leake one of the speakers. Pray this event will strengthen the Toba churches in discipleship.

On Friday (9th) Latin Partner Josias de Souza and a colleague begin a ten-day visit to the USA to attend a ‘Purpose Driven Church’ conference in Virginia. Pray for their travel, the impact of the event on them and subsequently on their church in Recife, Brazil.

Last but by no means least, key meetings take place next Tuesday and Wednesday (13-14) in Buenos Aires between the bishops of the Southern Cone and representatives of SAMS and CMS. The SAMS representatives are John Sutton, already in South America, and Chairman Patrick Coghlan who flies out on Thursday (8th). Pray for these highly significant talks which will consider the future direction of SAMS.

SAMS Prayer line

The SAMS GB prayer line for this week:

Let’s begin by giving thanks to God for answers to matters raised on the Prayer Line in recent weeks.

In late March we asked prayer for Marcus Throup’s colleague, Revd Souza, in João Pessoa, Brazil, who was facing surgery for cancer. Marcus tells us the operation was successful and the cancer was entirely removed
also in Brazil we asked prayer for a weekend away for the young people of Espirito Santo church in Recife. Josias de Souza reports that many of the 60 who attended were introduced to the Christian faith for the first time.

So praise God, thank you for praying, and please continue to remember Revd Souza in recovery and the young people in discovery.

Bishop Bill & Judith Godfrey return to Peru on Thursday (24th) after some months’ convalescence for Bill in the UK. Remember them as they take up diocesan responsibilities again, especially for Bill’s health.

Another person with health needs is Latin Partner Danny Morrison, who is in the middle of a month’s sick leave from his ministry at Gómez Carreño in Chile. Please keep Danny & his wife Ary in your prayers.

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