Cristo Pan de Vida churchCristo Pan de Vida is a church plant in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The main church, Cristo Luz del Mundo (Christ Light of the World), pastored by Rev. Federico Bascuñan, felt they wanted to reach a poorer area and began this new work in 2005.

The church grew out of a cell group with church leadership promoting ministry to families in the city, where 70% of marriages end in divorce in under two years. The church at present meets in a building which is inadequate for its needs and so the congregation are praying for the Lord to provide an alternative building where they can meet and conduct their ministries to the poorer residents of the area.

The ministries of the church are varied and outreaching including a strong youth scene and adult groups. The cultural, economic problems and attitudes of Bolivian society make this a particularly challenging area of work yet these ministries are well attended.

The Lydia ministry, a cottage industry involving the painting of silk scarves and producing woolen goods. The revenue produced from the sale of these goes straight back into supporting the ministry of the church and its congregation.