Red Box

The Red Box Project is an initiative committed to supporting the Church in South America. SAMS is dedicated to resourcing local people through training and seed funding.


SAMS is thankful for the emerging opportunities and possibilities. It is within this context of growth that Cecilia Valdiviezo from Argentina works as the Red Box Co-ordinator.

Cecilia’s teaching background, her commitment to community development and her passion to serve God have enabled numerous openings for service.

“What a privilege to experience first-hand the Red Box Project! Through an attitude of servanthood expressed in practical ways, something of significance is evolving through this initiative and it’s making an imprint upon the lives of individuals and communities.”
SAMS Development Officer

Download a flyer with more details about Red Box. View the Red Box video.

Red Box Volunteers

Robin Kee – past Red Box volunteer.

Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison was the most recent Red Box Project volunteer.  He participated with SAMS as part of his university degree placement.   Pray for Peter now that he has returned home and continues his studies at university.