Pastor David Antezana Alurralde is a church leader in the Anglican Church of Christ the Redeemer in La Paz, Bolivia. With a strong faith in Jesus Christ, he has been actively involved in the church for around 25 years. Pastor David’s journey towards Christianity began 28 years ago when he felt a powerful calling from God. Despite initial doubts and misconceptions, he ultimately embraced his faith, leading him to a life of prayer and the study of the Bible.

His commitment to his Christian beliefs has shaped his life and ministry. Pastor David’s passion for sharing the gospel and guiding others in their spiritual journey is evident in his role as a church leader. He not only seeks to teach and disciple new members but also prays for his loved ones, including his younger brother, to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Living in La Paz, Pastor David finds inspiration in the diverse landscapes and climates that surround him. From the snowy Andes to warmer and tropical regions, he recognizes the beauty of God’s creation and remains grateful for the spiritual nourishment it provides.

As Pastor David continues to serve and lead Christ the Redeemer Church, he relies on his faith in the Lord, rooted in prayer and the study of the Bible. He seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit to navigate the challenges faced by the church and humbly asks for prayers to support their ministry and the spiritual growth of the Diocese of Bolivia. The church at La Redentor has recently entered into a partnership with a Church in Northern Ireland.