About Marcos:

Hello, I’m Marcos

I’m from Chile, and part of the SAMS Ireland FUSION program 2023-2024 and based in a Parish Church near Lisburn, N. Ireland I’m a creative with a passion for arts, music, and everything related. Being outgoing, I thrive on meeting and conversing with people. My caring nature means I always like to lend a helping hand in any way possible.

Perseverance and Hobbies:

One aspect I’m working on is perseverance! While I love starting projects and reading books, I admit I tend to drop them prematurely, resulting in a collection of one-week hobbies. It’s an area I’m eager to develop further.


My motivation lies in exploring different cultures, embracing church life, and fostering connections with fellow Christians. I aim to contribute positively to the community and experience the joy of mutual blessings. Improving my English is also on my agenda.

Involvement in Church in Chile:

Rooted in a Christian family, I’ve been part of church life since birth. From my father reading Psalms to me as a child to playing the guitar in church and youth groups during my studies, I actively engage in various church activities. I’m open to assisting wherever needed, whether supporting studies at home, participating in men’s or youth groups, or playing the guitar for praise.

Faith Journey:

While it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact moment I embraced Christianity due to its ingrained presence in my life, my faith has evolved over the years. Teenagers’ groups and summer camps sparked a deeper contemplation of God’s grace and love, leading to a more mature understanding of how faith impacts lives.

Current Faith and Learning:

Today, I continue to learn and practice my Christian faith despite life’s challenges. Recognizing that my faith is a work in progress, I trust in God’s plans for my life and find strength in His unwavering love.