Claire’s Trip to Brazil & Paraguay 2023

It was an incredible experience to spend three weeks in South America in March, where I had the privilege of visiting churches and meeting with leaders

in Brazil and Paraguay. Returning to this region always feels like coming home, as I have spent a considerable amount of time there. It’s truly a blessing to have two homes!

During my visit, I was deeply moved by several aspects that also serve as prayer points for our agency:

  • The diverse range of ministries in Paraguay is remarkable, including churches, schools, a teacher training college, a children’s home providing temporary shelter for waiting children, and shelters for indigenous people. Witnessing the church’s various outreach efforts is truly inspiring. Please join us in praying for these ministries, that the Lord will abundantly provide for their needs, sustain and guide them, and continue to raise up leaders after His own heart.
  • Despite the numerous challenges faced by individuals in their daily lives and ministries, it is awe-inspiring to witness their unwavering hope in Christ. Please pray for their continued strength and resilience, and for the Lord towork in and through each person, empowering them to overcome obstacles.
  • The church in Paraguay (as well as other parts of South America) deeply appreciates the support and prayers of SAMS supporters, as well as the strength derived from partnerships with churches in other regions of the world. There is an ongoing desire for mission partners to come and serve alongside them. Let us pray that the Lord strengthens and blesses our partnership with the church in South America. We also remember and lift up all those who are discerning or preparing to respond to God’s call for mission service.

May the Lord’s guidance and blessings be upon us as we engage in this mission journey together.