I am Canon Ariel Irrazábal, a pastor in the Anglican Diocese of Argentina. For the past 13 years, I have been closely connected with The Mission to Seafarers. Initially, I served as a Port Chaplain in various parts of Brazil, and now I continue my service as a Chaplain in the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Additionally, I hold the position of Honorary Rector at the Anglican Church of All Saints in Quilmes, and I am also collaborating with St. Mark Parish in Hurlingham – both vibrant communities in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.

My life journey is intertwined with that of Gabriela, my wife, and together, we embrace the role of a missionary couple. Our hearts burn with zeal for spreading the joyful message of Jesus. Gabriela, an accomplished theologian, is dedicated to faith education for adolescents and young adults. We are blessed with a 9-year-old son, Francisco.

Though I was born in Uruguay, Argentina has become my chosen home. This nation has graciously opened its doors to me, and within its borders, I have found a church family that has not only welcomed us but has also instilled in us the distinct ethos and essence of Anglican life.

Living in Argentina awakened a deep thirst within me for theological understanding. At the age of 47, I embarked on a transformative journey to pursue a doctorate in theology. I believe that I possess a unique and authentic perspective to contribute to theological knowledge – a core aspiration of doctoral study. While I may not envision a formal role in educational ministry, I do feel a resounding call to communicate, in a more authentic and precise manner, the divine workings amidst His people.

The essence of “first” theology is embodied in the lives of believers who encounter and cultivate a personal relationship with God. On the other hand, “second” theology seeks to articulate, convey, and illuminate God’s actions in ways that resonate with the people of our contemporary world and diverse cultures.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to SAMS Ireland for their unwavering support throughout this arduous doctoral journey. Their assistance has been invaluable in enabling me to pursue this academic pursuit alongside my ongoing commitments. Your understanding and tireless dedication contribute significantly to advancing God’s mission in South America.

With profound appreciation,

Canon Ariel Irrazábal