Greetings in the name of the Lord! over a decade ago, I served as a volunteer with SAMS Ireland in Craigavon. Today, I am honoured to serve as the Pastor of an Anglican church situated in the beautiful port and mining city of Antofagasta, Chile, near the Atacama desert. Alongside my pastoral role, I also hold the esteemed position of being the national coordinator of the Langham Preaching Ministry in Chile, an organisation founded by the renowned Reverend John Stott.

In addition to my current responsibilities, I have been appointed by my diocesan bishop, Rev. Samuel Morrison, to act as a crucial link between our diocese of Valparaiso and SAMS Ireland. Together with SAMS Ireland we are actively seeking service opportunities both in Chile and Ireland. As part of this endeavours, we are encouraging young Chileans to serve in the Church in Ireland through the Fusion Program. Likewise, we are working on compiling a list of service opportunities in Chile for our Irish brothers and sisters, including short and long-term missions, church planting projects, ministerial apprenticeships, continuing education for clergy and laity, and social work initiatives. We warmly invite the churches in Ireland to join us in these endeavours by coming, praying, or offering financial support.

Despite our progress towards self-sustainability, there are still areas where we require assistance to advance and initiate new projects.

In light of these developments, we humbly request your prayers. Please pray that God may open doors in both directions, facilitating meaningful service opportunities. Additionally, we ask for prayers for the commitment of believers in Chile, as we navigate the gradual return to in-person gatherings amid the challenges posed by inflation and the aftermath of the pandemic. Many churches are facing financial struggles related to salaries and contributions for ongoing projects.

Lastly, we seek your prayers for the transitional phase our diocese is undergoing. Starting from August, our diocesan bishop will focus exclusively on bishop’s work, which presents both blessings and challenges. We are grateful for your unwavering support and prayers, and we hold the SAMS Ireland family close to our hearts. It was genuinely a privilege and a blessing to connect with you at FNL last February.

May God bless you abundantly.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Esteban Alvarez