Claire Holmes Pray for Claire in all the work she does in Concepcion.  Pray for the young people and the women’s group that Claire works with, that they will be strengthened in their faith.  As Bishop Andres has now retired, please keep San Pablo church in your prayers that they will know God’s guidance for the future.  Give thanks for Bishop Andres and for his ministry in Paraguay over the years, pray for God’s continued blessing on him and his family as he begins his retirement.

Mags & Gwen Pray for both Mags and Gwen with their many responsibilities in St Andrew’s College.  Pray for the other members of staff too and for the students, that they will be well settled in the school year and that they will know the love of Jesus in their lives.  Pray for all the activities that Mags and Gwen are involved in outside of the school also.

The Testers Pray for Paul and Sarah as they minister to young people and children in Peru, sharing the good news of Christ with them.  Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in the work they do.  Pray too for Sarah and the baby, that they will both be healthy throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Pray specifically for Sarah, as she may be limited to what she can do.

Monica Almeida (SAMS FUSION Volunteer) Monica’s time in Magheralin Parish has come to end, pray for her as she arrives into Brazil today.  Give thanks for her time working in Northern Ireland and pray for God’s blessing upon her life.

Cecilia Valdiviezo Pray for Cecilia and her work with the girls in the detention centre.  Pray that the girls will hear more about God through Cecilia’s visits and that each of them will come to know God.  Pray especially for Lilian and the possibility for her staying with a family from the church during the weekends.  Pray too for good relations between Cecilia and the detention centre staff, that there will be no barriers in the way of her visits.

Alec Deane Pray for Alec and the Garden Project, for strength and growth in those involved in the project.  Pray for the families involved, that it will help them to provide food for their families and spiritual growth within their community.  Pray too for the indigenous church leaders, that they can share the message with the youth in a way that is relevant to their lives.  Pray that Alec and his family will know God’s strength in all the work they do.

Dany Retamal (SAMS FUSION Volunteer) Pray for Dany within her placement in Maghera.  Give thanks for her willingness to serve here and pray for God’s blessing upon her as she shares her faith with others.  Pray specifically for her school ministry.

Argentina Team Pray for the team of 6 people visiting from Argentina.  Give thanks for their visit and for this opportunity to deepen our partnership with each other.  Pray for them as they visit several churches in Northern Ireland, that their visit will be a blessing to both those who meet them and to the team.  Pray also for their safe travels throughout their visit.