Concepción, Paraguay: Pray for San Pablo church in Concepción as Bishop Andrés prepares to retire later this month. Pray for the team within the church that they will know God’s wisdom, direction and courage at this time of change. Pray too for Claire in her work with the young people, that they will continue to be encouraged in their weekly meetings.  Recently, a teenager named Arlan Fick was kidnapped from Concepción, thought to be by a terrorist organisation, and the church in Concepción continues to pray for his safe return home.

St Andrew’s College: Pray for Gwen in her role as Head Teacher at St Andrew’s College in Asunción, for wisdom and direction in the current school year. Pray for Mags in her teaching role and for the other members of staff as they work with the students.  Pray for the students and their parents, that they will know more of God.   

Peru: Pray for Julio Montoya, minister of the Most Holy Trinity parish and his wife Norma.  The Montoya family are strongly focussed on running a school for underprivileged children in Lima, pray for the family in the work they do, that they can give the care and education to the children that they need. Pray to for Paul and Sarah Tester and Lizbeth Varillas in the youth development work and children’s ministry.

Chile: Continue to pray for Cristóbal Cerón in Chile and student worker Max Diaz, as he has been working and doing street evangelism around the university. Pray for him as he tries to connect to students through Bible studies and university courses. 

Argentina: Pray for the team visiting N. Ireland from Salta, Argentina at the end of May. Pray for their safety as they travel throughout their trip. Pray that their visit will be a blessing and an encouragement to themselves and everyone they meet. 

Red Box Project: Pray for Cecilia and her work in Salta. Pray for the girls that Cecilia meets in the detention centre that they will come to know Christ. Peter Harrison (Red Box Volunteer) concluded his time in Salta on 28th April and is spending some time in the USA before returning home. Give thanks for his time in Argentina and pray for his safe journey home. Pray too that he will know God’s guidance as he returns home to complete his studies at University. 

Garden Project: Pray for those involved with Garden Project and for Alec as he leads it.  Pray for more involvement from the Government that they will help extend the Garden techniques to more communities.

FUSION: Give thanks for Dany Retamal Álvarez from Santiago in Chile volunteering in Maghera Parish. Dany’s openness to participate and engage within the local church and wider community has been a real blessing.