Gwen Carlisle and Mags Southern Pray that the Lord will bless Gwen and Mags in their leadership and give them wisdom as they deal with the staff and pupils.  Pray for the secondary pupils who often take time off to go travelling, as there are no restrictions on school attendance.  Pray that the pupils will settle and take school more seriously and know the Lord’s hand on their lives. 

Peter and Sally Bartlett Pray for Peter in his role as Bishop of Paraguay, for wisdom and guidance. Pray for Sally and Peter especially as they think through children’s ministry in the diocese.  Pray for Sally in her role as president of the Esperanza Foster Home. Pray for the children there, for a new helper in the house and for Teresa and Maidana, the 2 mothers from St Andrew’s school who help.

Claire Holmes Pray for Claire and the youth ministry she is involved in, that the youth will continue to attend church and know the love of God.  Pray too for San Pablo church that it will know God’s guidance in the coming months with Bishop Andrés’ retirement drawing closer. Give thanks for the ministry of Bishop Andrés.  Pray too that God will raise up leaders in the church who will take on the responsibility of sharing the gospel in their community and beyond.

Cecilia Valdiviezo Pray for Cecilia and her work in the detention centre. Pray for every girl she meets, that they will come to faith and follow Jesus every day of their lives.  Pray that the possibility of Cecilia taking one of the girls out for visits will become a reality.  Pray also for Peter Harrison this month as he concludes his gap year with the Red Box Project on 28th April. 

Alec Deane Give thanks for all of the families who are now involved with the Garden project, there are now over 100 families benefitting from the project.  Pray for government support, both financially to provide more seeds and drip irrigation to enable more families to be a part of the project, and also for an improved water infrastructure to create better growth for the plants.

The Tester Family Give thanks for the youth camps in Lima and Arequipa and pray for the youth that attended, that they will be strengthened in their faith.  Pray for Sarah, specifically for health and strength throughout her pregnancy.  Pray too for Paul in his work with the youth.

Chris and Alison Hawksbee Pray for Chris as he has been doing more pastoral work, pray for his visits to La Patria which aim to cover 17 villages, encouraging pastors and leaders to meet together. Pray as they prepare for a retreat for the pastors, deacons and their helpers in Rio Verde in May.  Pray too for Alison and her responsibilities as academic director at the Asunciόn Christian Academy.

Dany Alvarez Give thanks for SAMS Fusion volunteer Dany, from Chile.  Pray for her as she spends a year volunteering with the church and sharing the gospel with those around her.  Pray that Dany will be blessed in the work she is doing and also that she will be a blessing to those around her.