March 2014

FUSION Pray for Dany Retamal Álvarez who arrived mid-February from Santiago, Chile and is placed as a FUSION volunteer with Willowfield Parish in Down and Dromore. Give thanks for Dany’s openness to being a part of the FUSION programme and pray for her as she participates in God’s mission within Willowfield Parish. 

ARGENTINA Pray for Cecilia as she settles back in to life in Salta. Give thanks for the time Cecilia had in the UK and Ireland, especially for each of the churches she was able to visit and participate in. Pray for God’s blessing upon each of the projects that she is involved in within Salta and continue to pray for Red Box volunteer Peter Harrison.   

PERU Pray for Paul and Sarah Tester and Diocesan Youth Coordinator Lizbeth Varillas in Lima. Give thanks for the Youth Camps that were held throughout February and pray for the youth ministry developing regionally and for the various young people in new missions around the country. Pray for Sarah and her antenatal check up on 4th March and for Lily and Teófila as they take on extra responsibilities in Sarah’s absence.

URUGUAY Pray for Bishop Michael Pollesel as he continues to get to know the clergy and members of the Anglican churches. May he know God’s grace especially as he seeks to encourage and develop leaders.   

PARAGUAY Pray for Chris and Alison Hawskbee as they are now back in Paraguay. Pray for discipleship training in the local churches in Asunciόn and for the building up of weak churches in Sombrero Pirí.  Pray too for Mags & Gwen as they settle in to the new school year and that God will pour out His blessing upon St Andrew’s school. As Peter and Sally Bartlett have recently returned to Asuncion, pray that strong teams will be built within the church and for spiritual wisdom to lead to unity in purpose and vision.  Pray for the church in  Asuncion and the church leaders; that they may know God’s guidance in the work they do.

Pray for Gwen and Mags this month as they have just started another school year. Pray for them in their roles as Head and deputy Head. Pray for wisdom and clarity as they make decisions daily. The pressure is always immense, last year was challenging but God’s faithfulness was evident, so at the beginning of this academic year keep Gwen, Mags and the staff team in your prayers.

Pray for Claire and the ministry she is part of in Concepción. Pray specifically for young adults and potential leaders who Claire is investing in. May Claire have moments of encouragement and insight when choosing discipleship resources.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE Give thanks for Friday Night Live that took place on 7th February, for the people who met together to hear of various ministries throughout South America with SAMS. Give thanks too for the wonderful offering of over £6,000 which is going towards leadership development.