Hola Amigos!!!!

Not very good news from here. Outbreaks of looting have spread across Argentina as mobs take advantage of strikes by police demanding pay raises to match inflation.

Last night, the death toll from the chaotic outbursts climbed to five as officers rallied outside negotiating sessions, citizens huddled inside their homes and businesses, and federal troops were deployed to trouble spots.

Pami who was a SAMS FUSION volunteer in Annaghmore and Peter who is a Red Box Volunteer from Belfast where coming from town in the bus when they had to literally fall to the ground because people with stones where trying to destroy the doors of the supermarket with the aim of looting it, and they were also attacking busses and everything they had in front of them. They are safe now but believe me they were shocked….

I am typing you this and my heart is going so fast because I can’t believe we are experiencing what we did  in 2001….amigos, when are we going to learn? How can I teach my people that hard work is the only thing we should be focusing and not this….

Guys your prayers make a difference… so please keep Salta on your prayer list during Advent.

Love, Cecy