December 2013

Spanish Worship Night Pray for the volunteers who organise the Spanish Worship Night which seeks to connect people who have a heart for South America and/or Spain. The next gathering will be on Tuesday 17th December at 19:30 for tea & coffee (starting at 8pm) in The Hub (22 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, BT9 6AY). Everyone is welcome!

Claire Holmes Pray for the various ministries in Concepcion. Give thanks for all the children and young people who meet regularly and have a growing hunger for God’s word. Pray for the Christmas Nativity plays and other events led by the children and young people. These will all have an evangelistic emphasis as Claire and the team aim to reach out to more families with the gospel.


Gwen Carlisle & Mags Southern Pray for Gwen and Mags this month as they conclude another school year. Their ministry is so significant but its also extremely demanding so pray that this Christmas will be a restful and affirming time. We are looking forward to seeing them in late December as they will be in the UK & Ireland for a visit.


The Chaco Pray for Chris Hawksbee as he works with a contact in the government planning department for projects directed to reducing poverty in the Chaco communities. Pray specifically for help and advice on project ideas which will be presented within and outside of Paraguay.


Red Box Project Give thanks for the ministry of Cecilia Valdiviezo. Pray for Cecilia as she arrives into Dublin on 27th December. Pray for rest, refreshment and a real sense of Gods anointing as Cecilia will share with us for several weeks.


World Cup As we enter 2014 be prepared for complete saturation on all things linked to the World Cup in Brazil. As a mission agency we have a natural interest in Brazil, but we are also committed to helping churches here at home to reach out locally. A really useful resource for such outreach is the SAMS World Cup Weekender. Pray for this resource that it will be used widely and wisely and may many people come to faith during the 2104 World Cup.

Tester Family Paul, Sarah and little Sophia travel back to Peru on 29 December. Pray for them as they depart from the UK and pray also that they will settle quickly back into life and ministry in Peru.

Garden Project Give thanks for the ministry of Alejandro Deane. Pray for Macio Rojas, due to malnutrition at birth Macio is deaf and he can’t speak. Give thanks for this young Christian man who is growing in confidence and developing new skills through the Garden Project.


FUSION Give thanks for the ministry of Monica Almeida from city of Belo Horizonte, in the south-east of Brazil. Monica is serving for a second year in the parish of Magheralin. Pray for Monica and also pray for Monica’s family back in Brazil especially at this Christmas time of year. Pray for Daniela Alvarez from Santiago in Chile who is preparing to participate on the SAMS FUSION programme in late January. SAMS is working closely with the UK Border Agency so pray for the documentation process.

“The Almighty appeared on earth as a helpless human baby, needing to be fed and changed and taught to talk like any other child. The more you think about it, the more staggering it gets. Nothing in fiction is so fantastic as this truth of the Incarnation.”

Friday Night Live 7th February 2014