August 2013


Dealing with change is at times none too easy and this month there are going to be many to cope with all needing to be covered with prayer.

  • The hand over in Paraguay to the new government will take place on the 15th and Horacio Cartes will be inaugurated as President. Please pray that this new leadership will do justly, love kindness and walk humbly with God.
  • For the indian Health Promoters Lidia, Narcisa, Norma, Lalo, Cirilo, Serafin, Daniel and Cristobal that they will receive fair treatment from the new authorities and for ex Health Promoter Arsenio Martinez who is no longer able to do any kind of heavy work or driving due to brain damage after a motor bike accident, also for Liberato Cabanas, still completely blind.
  • For the indigenous people in general as they come to terms with 21st Century life, Changed environment, diet and climatic change.
  • In the Chaco we have experienced frosts for three days and then a soar in temperature to 35C. Please pray for rain to revive all the frost bitten grass and plants and protection from huge fires now that everywhere is so dry.
  • An indian from Napoxen will go to the National Hospital at Itague on 29th August for heart surgery
  • For the changes that must be made to my computer so that I can communicate properly again.
  • Any changes that need to be made for the future of myself, Ana and Georvy, the dogs, cats, tortoises, deer and donkeys.
  • For Dna Betty, Zuni and the Rio Verde church members in general especially for the Sunday School and young people.
  • Praise for Agripina Medina’s wonderful recovery and for her ongoing heart treatment also for the Tb patients Antolin, Nimfa, Porfirio and Justino for their good recovery and that they will be faithful in taking their medicines.

All may change but Jesus never. Glory to his name. Love and prayers,