Dear friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayers over the last few months. The Lord is gracious and kind and there is much to be thankful for and of course many challenges! The dengue fever situation is the most serious that the country has ever faced and as yet there is no significant break in the hot weather, so we are praying for cold weather to come soon thus killing off the mosquitoes that carry dengue. Everyone is pleased that the elections were peaceful, please keep praying as the government transition takes place over the next few months.

On a personal note our first month this year back in Paraguay has been somewhat like the pack of Liquorice Allsorts that I gave Peter for his birthday a week ago – ‘contents: varied and interesting!’ We are off to Bolivia for a week on Monday and the rest of May looks set to be busy too.

Thank you again for praying, may the Lord bless you,

Blessings, Peter and Sally