Hello folks,

Have received message from Earl and Ruth which includes these objectives for their visit (6 weeks beginning 2 March).

These are not just positive and informative but might serve as points for prayer.

God bless,


Earl and Ruth Trekofski (founders of Mont Horeb) have a lot of work cut out for them while they’re in Itaperuçu in March and April. Their objectives are:

1.) The selection and installation of a new director. Please pray for God’s will to be accomplished in this urgent matter.

2.) Developing a job description for the director’s position (Bebeto trained under us for several years and knew what his responsibilities were).

3.) Making sure there are contact people in place for both SAM Ministries Canada), and SAMS UK & Ireland, for the sponsorship program, as well as for other matters such as pictures, articles and reports needed for public relations and fund raising efforts carried out on behalf of M.H.

4.) Re-writing criteria and regulating our ‘university grant program’ that has been operating with help from a Canadian Foundation.

5.) Considering support links. Earl and Ruth have been seriously thinking and praying about asking the Prado Baptist church in Curitiba to act as an overseer or spiritual guardian of Mount Horeb since most of the board members and administrative staff are younger people with very little experience. Earl and Ruth write, “This is the church that has been involved with M.H. almost since its inception and M.H. Vice President Elcio is their missions pastor. People from this church (doctors, dentist and church workers) have been volunteering to serve the community of Caçador and they have certainly earned our trust and confidence. We would ask them to present the names of people for us to consider inviting as MH associates.

6.) They continue, “We plan to have a businessman and founding member of M.H. come in and teach our board about how an organization functions, the proper procedures that must be followed, and the importance of being faithful in following our constitution in order to avoid confusion as well as clarifying the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Earl only has one year in his term as president and we are hoping we can find a Brazilian capable and spiritually prepared to take on this important role as well.”