This has been a really busy few weeks, with exams, external and internal.  All the kids I worked with in preparation for their Trinity  Oral English exam passed so I’m really proud of them, they did very well!

We are now into the final week before the children finish for the year, they’re already on half-days, although unfortunately this doesn’t extend to teachers.  Everyone is tired and more than ready for the end of the year!

Personally, it has also been a busy month with budding relationships, friends, concerts, planning summer trips, Skype dates with home; I’ve hardly had a night in to myself, but it’s good.  I love being busy and God has more than blessed me with a fantastic group of friends here.

So, some points for prayer:

For school:

  • for energy for the teachers, and for patience in dealing with tired but excitable kids
  • that suitable teachers would be found for next year & for those planning time-tables etc
  • for the kids as they go on their long summer break

For me:

  • for wisdom in all that I do & that everything in my life would be God-centred that God would guide me in thinking about what to do next year as there are a few things I’d love to get involved in, just not entirely sure how to go about it.

Please keep in touch, I love hearing from home.



Postal address:  Colegio San Andres, Casilla 1124, Asunción, Paraguay