We continue to pray for Denis Johnston as he prepares to retire at the end of December thanking God for all his years of service and for the growth of SAMS during that time. Please pray for God’s guidance in the whole selection process for a new General Secretary.

There will also be 2 important meetings over the next few weeks and we remember these in prayer. The SAMS General council meeting will be held on Friday 25th November and the Northern Committee will meet on Wednesday 30th November.


Monte Horebe: John and Phyllis Logan have recently returned from a trip to Brazil where they visited Monte Horebe. Please pray that Shia, the Monte Horebe school Principal, continues her recovery from illness. Give thanks that she has the energy and desire to work part-time.

We pray too that work on the Cacador community centre continues effectively as we give thanks that Adimir and Terezinha Artigas are so committed to improving the welfare of this impoverished community.

We bring before God the leadership team at Monte Horebe asking that they may continue to pull together despite the fact that Abel has left MH. Give thanks for the work Abel has done over the past 8 years.

Boa Vista: Valerie Thom is planning to take a team out to Brazil later next year.  She is currently preparing to travel to Brazil on 3rd January to visit Boa Vista and other projects in order to put together a picture of areas that need help and support, and to put a programme in place for the team.  We pray for this trip and for Valerie as she prepares to go out in January.

SPAIN – Sue Woodcock:

We continue to pray for Sue Woodcock in Spain.  In a recent prayer letter she writes – Hallelujah! A year from the original diagnosis and prognosis and I am still here, still working a few hours each day and very grateful to the Lord for all that He enables me to do, for the way the church has responded throughout this time, and for daily grace to meet every situation.

However, the news from the oncologist this week was not good. The marker in the blood has increased quite a lot in the last three weeks, and since the current treatment is no longer working as well as hoped, and the side effects are accumulating, he is completely changing the treatment regime.

We remember Sue in prayer as she has started more treatment.  As she herself said “I still believe in a God who answers prayer, even if He doesn’t do exactly what I think He ought to!” We pray too for the prayer groups and growth groups within the church, and that more people will attend.


Asuncion – We pray for Saint Andrew’s College as they come to the end of the school year thanking God for his provision and protection over the last year.

At this time things are very busy in the school with lots of end of year special events and services.  We pray for head teacher Gwen Carlisle and Mags Southern as they oversee all of these, for all the teachers and especially for Matthew and Kim Hickmott and Hannah Taylor SAMS volunteers.  We pray too for those who will be preaching at these special events.  We also remember in prayer Bishop Peter and Sally Bartlett.

Concepcion:  We pray for Bishop Andres and Estela and all the leadership of the church in Concepción asking that God will encourage them, protect them and give them vision.  We thank God for the work with the many children and for the good group of young people who regularly attend church asking that God will help them to grow in their faith.


Paul and Sue Tester, prayer partners in Peru write “We feel so very blessed to be able to share with you the news that Sarah is 13 weeks pregnant! We are both completely over the moon and so grateful to God for this miracle of new life.”  The following are some of their prayer requests.

Please thank God:

• For Baby! That he/she is developing well and that Sarah is generally feeling good.

• For the girls in the Children’s Home, as their social worker managed to get their birth certificates sorted!

Please continue to pray for:

• Good health, safety and protection for Baby and Sarah

• Wisdom for Sarah in organizing her days so that she has enough time to rest.

Thank you for your prayers. To read the complete prayer letters or for more information you can visit www.samsireland.com