As the pastor of St. James Anglican Church in Punta Arenas, Chile I also have responsibility for the British School which is connected to the church (  At present the school is looking for someone to teach Christian Education from preschool classes up to fourth grade. As chaplain to this school I am asking for your help because we urgently need a mission partner to cover this need starting in March of 2012, and from

2013 we need a teacher of Christian Education from fifth to eighth grade.

We are looking for a person with a missionary vision, a committed evangelical Christian with a teacher’s degree.  We believe that the school is an important area of ministry not only among the children and young people, but also among the staff and parents.  We are praying for the right person to fill this important post. Stand with us in prayer. Please contact SAMS  for further details.

Very sincerely,

Rev. Alistair Morrison, Punta Arenas, Chile (Patagonia).