Michael’s recent visit to the Tobas was postponed till 4th – 7th August, for family reasons. We began checking Nahum, and Michael received first draft translations of Hosea 1-7 and Malachi, as well as Esther and Ezra (not Minor Prophets, but books the translators wanted to do!). Hilario and José will now start on the production of literacy materials for school children.

Minor Prophets: Pray for Michael working on the checking of the Minor Prophet books, preparing to go through the texts with the Toba translators. The book of Amos still remains to translated. When finished, pray that the Argentine Bible Society will have funds to print these books for distribution amongst the Tobas.

Translation Team: Give thanks that José and Hilario are able to continue working on these translations: pray for good health for them and their families, and for continued support for them (a small monthly allowance is included in Michael’s budget). Pray too for Osvaldo, original member of the New testament team, who is keen to help as a volunteer.

Celebrations: During 2011 the Diocese of Northern Argentina celebrates its 100th anniversary with events throughout the year. Pray for the celebration amongst the Tobas, to be held on 30th October, for a time of blessing and inspiration as we move forward into the future.

e-NEWSLETTER     Michael and Silvia Browne with Kevin and Chris     August 2011

In Salta: Continue to pray for Nano, with a growing group of teenagers playing volleyball in La Unión estate, some now attending a youth group too. Also for Nilda leading the children’s ministry in Juan Manuel de Rosas estate. These are poor areas, with big drugs problems and little or no Christian presence.

Health matters: Give thanks that we continue to enjoy good health, and that this winter passed without flu epidemics. Pray for Silvia still with treatment for premature menopause, and Michael, still controlling his diabetes with diet and exercise. Kevin recently had a simple operation to correct a phimosis, and has recovered well.

Jehovah Jireh: Give thanks for the continued support we are receiving! Month by month we have all we need, even though we don’t always know where it’s coming from! We are learning to trust our wonderful God: He is faithful! He provides!

Future Ministry: As a result of Michael’s visit to the Pilagá Indians, there would seem to be good possibilities for further work. The Pilagás want to translate the Old Testament, and they’re keen to continue with the recording of audio Scriptures (they have the Gospels and Acts done, but hope to do the whole New Testament). And there’s the same need for literacy materials in their schools as in the Toba schools. But there’s no one to coordinate the work: could this be me? As the two languages are very similar, it would make sense to work in parallel with the Tobas. For very little increase in workload, the number of people that would benefit from these projects would be doubled. Please pray! Is this what the Lord wants for us, beyond 2012?

Teaching English: Remember Michael teaching English to Fernando, who comes for two hours on Monday evenings. It’s stimulating for Michael, but doesn’t use up much of his time.

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Many thanks for all your support in prayer! God bless you!

With love in Jesus!

Michael and Silvia Browne with Kevin and Christopher
Belgrano 915, Vaqueros, (4401) Salta, Argentina