SAMS BTN Team Give thanks for the safe arrival of the team which Claire Holmes is leading in Paraguay. Pray that God may imprint His mission upon them and all who they meet.

Land for Life, Argentina Please pray for Andrew and Maria Leake working with their Land For Life initiative in Northern Argentina working towards better creation care in the region of the Chaco. Pray for wisdon for them as they explore ways of promoting the work they are doing and as they work with and alongside other organisations.

New believers in Paraguay Peter and Sally Bartlett give thanks that five new believers are attending Bible studies run by the San Andres Cathedral congregation and there are two new believers in the Mirador Church. They give thanks for the joyful, creative and memorable events which marked Paraguay’s bicentenary celebrations, leading to an upbeat atmosphere and greater valuing of Paraguayan culture. Please pray for over 40 lay leaders and clergy from Anglican churches in the Asuncion region attended a series of evening workshops as part of a two-week leadership training course led by Dr Richard and Joan Forde.

Please pray for Janet and Alberto Mena as they visit rural churches and minister to those congregations. Please also pray for the women’s group and give thanks for the recent baptism service.

Asuncion Please pray for Linn Tedman and all the staff and children of St. Andrew’s as they take our two week winter break. Everybody is very tired after a busy term. Pray for rest and refreshment for everyone. Pray for safety for those who will be travelling. Please pray for Jo, Zoe and Beth as they leave the school, that their futures will be secure in Christ. Pray for the new science teacher and his family who will be joining us later this month from Ireland, that they will arrive safely and settle in quickly. They have two boys aged five and eight years. Pray that they will learn Spanish quickly and that they will be welcomed into school. Please pray for Linn’s health as the holiday comes.